Vital Statistics
Species Rescue Bot
Production details
Voiced by Max Mittelman

On the planet Velocitron, Blurr was among the fastest of the fast; an up-and-coming racer who could keep up with and even outpace the best of them. He attained the role of celebrity among his peers, and to serve in his pit crew was once considered to be a great honor. Since arriving on Earth, however, Blurr's discovered that he's not quite as perfect—or as well-liked—as he thought he once was: while he may be willing to help, he lacks patience when the job gets complicated, and opts to get the job done fast instead of getting it done right, even if he unwittingly endangers others in the process. He's not above trying to run to save his own chassis, or lying to avoid repercussions for his actions.

He's not a bad bot at Spark though. He mainly just wants to do his own thing: no obligations, no responsibilities, and no speed limits. Maybe with the right guidance...

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