Spellbound Dani holding up Cathy

Cathy is a limited-edition talking doll owned by Priscilla Pynch. She even wears the same clothing as her owner.

History Edit

Transformers: Rescue Bots Edit

"Spellbound" Edit

Thanks to her mother, Priscilla lost Cathy down the Old Hawkins Well. As a result, Griffin Rock's rescue team was called out, and had to dig a 25 foot hole next to the well to get Cathy out. The team was unimpressed to discover that they'd been called out to rescue a doll, but Priscilla was even more unimpressed that the doll was now all dirty. As her mother confirmed that this would impact the doll's value as a limited edition, Priscilla threw it on the ground and announced her mother would be buying her a new one. Blades later picked Cathy up and was charmed when it announced it loved him