HauntingGriffinRock Barney

Deputy Barney is an officer of the law on Griffin Rock. He's not very bright, and looks after things at the town jail.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"The Haunting of Griffin Rock"

Barney was tasked with guarding Myles and Evan. At some point Myles talked Barney into letting him check his emails. Barney later wondered why the relentlessly pacing Myles and Evan weren't eating any of the meals he served them and consulted Chief Burns by phone. Burns eventually visited the jail himself, and discovered that the two criminals had escaped, using Barney's computer to hack into the town's computer system and create holograms of themselves. The mystery explained, Barney asked if he could have their dinners.

"The Griffin Rock Express"

Barney was surprised when Evan and Myles were discovered locked in the bank vault, courtesy of a mysterious superhero, and notified Cody that the pair had been caught and locked up.

"Bugs in the System"

After Doctor Morocco's capture, Barney was tasked with guarding him. Morocco managed to escape, but was captured and slapped in a higher-security cell. Barney was given instructions not to give Morocco anything without running it past Chief first, but ended up supplying Morocco with an ant farm, radio and desk fan. He later brought in a meal for Morocco, only to find the scientist in the process of escaping once again

"Time After Time"

Barney gave Cody a pocket watch from the lost and found, unaware of the device's strange properties.

"Today and Forever"

He and the rest of town had to work to keep the island in the air as they flew it from the Arctic back to Maine.

"New Normal"

When Chief was intending to retire, his first choice was to promote Barney, however watching Barney give Mister Pettypaws a ticket for jaywalking had him thinking twice.

"Ghost in the Machine"

He was caught in Quickshadow's nets when Myles fired them remotely, intending to hit Blades. He appeared to be trying to ticket Mister Pettypaws again at the time. He later dressed as a convict for Earliween and helped make a video to cover up Quickshadow's secret.

"Enemy of My Enemy"

Tasked with looking after Quint Quarry when the big game hunter was transferred to Griffin Rock jail, Barney later had to report the villain's escape.


  • Barney is a homage to Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Realistically, Barney's title shouldn't be "Deputy" since chiefs of police don't have deputies like sheriffs do.