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Doctor Ezra Greene is Griffin Rock inventor, scientist, and father of Francine Greene. Though many of his inventions he creates are meant to be helpful or with good intention, they have a tendency to go haywire or cause trouble in Griffin Rock, which the Rescue Bots and the Burns Family are forced to deal with. As a result, Doc Greene often finds himself being rescued from various mishaps caused by his inventions. His inventions include a solar-powered car, Floatium (a substitute for helium) and a high-powered communications dish.his most notable inventions he has been apart of are energon tools and crash and anti safety hazard foam.and laser space elevator the tor na don,t or vortex da don,t the phase bit technology The area protection dome.self repairing tracks , tires and parts.and a new way for faster than light travel in which by the time of season 4 has protected it,s development. he solved the rest plague issue found the cure for it

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