Knight Bumblebee

When a simple rescue mission turns into something a little more demanding, Bumblebee brings in the Double-Dragon Axe! It is, perhaps unsurprisingly, formed from the combination of two dragons: the Mini-Cons Freezer Burn and Wingblaze. Although the two represent very different elements, their teamwork gives Bee access to the powers of both fire and well as a big ol' axe, if it comes down to that.

Toys Edit

Playskool Heroes: Rescue Bots Edit

  • Knight Watch Bumblebee (2017)
  • Accessories: Mini-Con Freezer Burn, Mini-Con Wingblaze, wings/shield
Knight Watch Bumblebee is a large figure that transforms into a dragon to tie in with The Last Knight. He includes two Mini-Con partner dragons who "combine" (by being held in the top and bottom of Bee's fist) into the Double-Dragon Axe