Hurricane Opie

Hurricane Opie was a major storm that struck Griffin Rock. It included torrential rain, huge winds and massive lightning strikes.

History Edit

Transformers: Rescue Bots Edit

"No Place Like Dome" Edit

In preparation for the hurricane, Doc Greene sent a team to the Island of Misfit Tech to get a needed stabilizer so he could raise a Mayor Luskey Dome over the island. As the storm hit the island, Huxley Prescott bravely reported on it from the docks at least until a particularly strong wind blew him off the pier and he landed in a boat. The island's rescue team meanwhile ensured that the citizens were all safe. As Doc Greene prepared to raise the dome, a lightning strike hit a satellite dish at the control station, causing the dish to fall. Despite this, the dome was successfully raised, and protected the island for the remainder of the storm.