Kade Burns is a fireman who is partnered with Heatwave. He's the oldest of the four siblings.

Profile: The oldest of the Burns siblings, in many ways Kade is the least mature. In the beginning, he is extremely arrogant and hardheaded. His hot shot antics and headstrong nature put him in direct confrontation with his partner Heatwave. Over time, Kade matures, though retains much of his ego, earning both the respect and friendship of his partner.

Abilities: Kade is a college age young man. He is in excellent physical condition, as required by his job as a fireman. Kade is somewhat intelligent, though this is seldom seen due to his preference of action over thought. His reckless tendencies and ego originally made it somewhat hard to work with him, but over time these became more manageable. For all his ego, he remains a dedicated rescue worker, ready to put his life on the line whenever it is needed.

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