WalkWildSide Leafy

Leafy is a potted plant owned by Boulder.

History Edit

Transformers: Rescue Bots Edit

"Walk on the Wild Side" Edit

After Boulder unsuccessfully attempted to adopt a lion from the Griffin Rock Zoo as a pet, Cody Burns presented him with a potted plant to care for instead. Boulder immediately took the plant outside to play fetch.

"The Other Doctor" Edit

Boulder apparently kept the plant in a locker in the fire station. It was one of the items he packed when it looked like the rescue team was going to be ousted by Doctor Morocco and his MorBot.

"Movers and Shakers" Edit

Boulder replanted "Leafy" in the town park, however when the Power Planter was hit by lightning and went out of control, Leafy was among the plants it dug up. Boulder managed to save Leafy, and after the planter was defeated, used its claws to build a protective cage around the plant.