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The Lobster and Technology Festival is a celebration held in the town square of Griffin Rock. It includes a technology parade and a lobster dinner. Which is more important depends on who you ask.

Rescue Bots cartoon Edit

"Flobsters on Parade" Edit

During preparations for the festival, Doc Greene was accidentally swept away by a helium-filled balloon and had to be rescued by the Burns family and their Rescue Bots. The experience led him to develop floatium, a safer alternative to helium, which he used in the parade balloons from then on. The technology parade included giant lobster floats, Mayor Luskey, Doc Greene's float, and the Burns's Rescue Bots. Back at the fairgrounds, the cylinder of floatium was knocked into a tank of lobsters, turning them into flobsters, and soon the critters were flying around, using their claws to tear up the festival. The Burns family and their robots sprang into action, corralling the flobsters so they could be treated with a compound quickly developed by Doc Greene. The lobster dinner continued without a hitch.

"The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock" Edit

Footage from the parade was still being rebroadcast on television at a later date.