WalkOnTheWildSide Mayor Luskey Library

The Mayor Luskey Library is completely made from recycled material—glass bottles and aluminum cans. Even the books inside are made only from recycled paper. Exactly how much Mayor Luskey had to do with it is unclear.\

Rescue Bots cartoon Edit

"Walk on the Wild Side" Edit

Mayor Luskey proudly unveiled the building in honor of Earth Day. The next day, the building was attacked by trained lemurs, who began attempting to recycle the materials. They even went inside, assaulting library patrons so they could recycle the books as well. Mayor Luskey alerted the Burns family, and was narrowly rescued from the building's collapsing roof by Chase. The building was badly damaged before Graham Burns and Boulder managed to lure them away with a scoopful of lemur food.

"Pirates Ahoy" Edit

Woodrow Burns researched his family ancestry at the library, turning up the fact that an ancestor was a pirate.