Phantom of the Sea
Season 3, Episode 4
[[Ship disappears|250px]]
Air date November 15, 2014
Written by Greg Johnson
Directed by Nathan Chew
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"Too Many Kades"
"Unfinished Business"

Phantom of the Sea is the fourth episode in season 3 of Transformers: Rescue Bots. It aired on November 15, 2014.


The whole Griffin Rock waiting to see the S.S. Phantom Voyager, and the Burns Family is going to wait for the ship to appear. Suddenly Doc Greene and Frankie finds the movement in the waters, and they will have an emergency call. The Burnses get in touch, and Blades, Cody and Dani flying over the ship. But then someone threw the rope, and others will help. But soon they disappear with the ship. The Burns siblings and Rescue Bots decide to explore the ship and look for it as a captain Ansel Ambrose. They they will find him, and then they will end up for ten years to the future. After when they saved people, Doc Greene told that the captain's ship's energy cycle is the same as the old time machine in the lab. So they decide to use the time machine to come back together. After finding a time machine Captain Ambrose identifies it as the cargo of one Doctor Thaddeus Morocco. And they realize that the lightning that struck the ship resulted in the time machine getting stuck in fast forward. They fix a time machine with Energon, and Graham turn the time machine back to the previous decade. After returning to the present, Graham advises the captain to turn ten of them backwards to get back to 1915. Captain Ambrose take the risk because Lillian is waiting for him. Captain thank them and start a time machine. The next day Dani invites everyone to show the picture of Captain Ambrose and Lillian's wedding. their advice was successful, and kade eee!, although he claimed to be a buckwheat. And Dani makes a long rust, and Kade asks how she does it.