Prime Alert is a storybook that ties into Transformers: Rescue Bots.

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It's early morning in Griffin Rock, and Charlie Burns assigns Heatwave to do some training. The Rescue Bot is sent at high speed across town to the Fire Safety Training Center, where a building has been set on fire for him to tend to. Once Heatwave saves a pair of cats from the burning building, he sets about extinguishing the fire.

Cody Burns reports for duty at Prime Fire Station, and the Chief assigns him a job — washing Sparkplug. While Cody sees to Sparkplug's bath, he notices a fire, and after putting it out, rushes up to the roof to get the Chief. Unfortunately the stairwell catches fire, and they become trapped up there, forcing them to sound the alarm. Heatwave races back across town, but as the roof is too high, he has to transform to robot mode, revealing his secret to Cody.

Once the fire is out, they contact Optimus Prime, who invites Cody to join the Rescue Bots. This done, the Chief gives Heatwave and Cody their first mission together: giving Sparkplug a bath.

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"Remember, you're a robot in disguise."

Charlie Burns reminds Heatwave of the franchise's main gimmick.

"Is this any kind of a job for a hero?" "I don't think this was in my job description."

Cody and Heatwave grumble about having to wash the dog.

Notes Edit

  • The storybook was available with the Fire Station Prime playset.
  • The fire station in question is referred to as Prime Fire Station throughout.

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  • Rescue Bots Optimus Prime, Blades, and Boulder, along with the electronic versions of Heatwave and Chase.