Rescue Bots Roll Out is a storybook that ties into Transformers: Rescue Bots.

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Heatwave the Fire-Bot, Chase the Police-Bot, Blades the Copter-Bot and Boulder the Construction-Bot work together as a highly-trained rescue team. One day, Optimus Prime sends the team a special message ordering them to join him on Earth. The Rescue Bots don't know anything about Earth, but are excited to get there and start helping out right away. They have a brief moment of trouble when they encounter an asteroid storm, but Chase keeps cool and flies them through.

Once the Rescue Bots arrive on their new home, Optimus Prime meets them to explain the rules. Because humans aren't used to seeing giant alien robots, the Rescue Bots will have to take on disguises based on their vehicles to avoid scaring anybody. The Rescue Bots head out to Griffin Rock to meet Optimus' friend Chief Charlie Burns, but Blades loses control of his new helicopter mode and chops down a tree. Luckily, Boulder is able to catch the falling trunk wth his shovel, and Heatwave's axe makes short work of it. Blades' teammates assure him they know it was an accident.

The team finally makes it to Griffin Rock and is greeted at Fire Station Prime by Chief Burns and Sparkplug. Optimus leaves them, saying that other Transformers need his help, but promises to keep in touch. The Rescue Bots look forward to their new adventures.

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"Most people are not used to seeing large talking robots."

Optimus Prime has never been to Japan.

"I think I should have been the helicopter. I'm a great pilot." "I think so too. I don't like heights!"

Chase and Blades disagree with Optimus Prime's altmode assignments.

Notes Edit

  • The storybook was available as a free promotional item at BotCon 2011 as well as ToysЯUs and possibly other retailers.
  • The continuity established here is immediately different (and somewhat more child-friendly) than that of the animated series. Cybertron is a living world from which the Rescue Bots travel to Earth explicitly on the orders of Optimus Prime, and the trip does not seem to take a particularly long time. Griffin Rock is not obviously any kind of technological testbed society.
  • Also unlike the Rescue Bots cartoon (but like Prime!), the Rescue Bots all look identical to their Earth bodies before they are given new vehicle modes, and in fact before they ever arrive on Earth.
  • The inside front cover has a brief introduction to the story by Optimus, and the last page before the advertisement spread features the Rescue Bot Oath.
  • This is the only book in the series to name the town in which Prime Fire Station is located.

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  • Rescue Bots figures and playsets