PhantomOfTheSea Phantom Voyager

The S.S. Phantom Voyager is a cruise ship captained by Ansel Ambrose.

Rescue Bots cartoon Edit

"Phantom of the Sea" Edit

The Phantom was on its way to Griffin Rock in 1915 when it was struck by lightning. The passengers and crew were evacuated while the captain waited on board for the towing barges to arrive to tow it to the dock, however the lightning had activated a time machine, which was being transported in the ship's hold by Doctor Morocco. As a result, the ship became unstuck in time, materializing another ten years into the future for each hour experienced on board. It became a local legend, with crowds turning up at the shore, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ship through the fog. A hundred years later, the Griffin Rock rescue team, then including four Rescue Bots, boarded the ship and, though it made one more journey another ten years into the future, the team were able to stabilize the time machine. After dropping them off, Ambrose successfully returned the ship to 1915.