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The Kade is a sandwich invented by Kade Burns. In his words, it consists of everything in the fridge between two slices of bread. Ingredients appear to include spaghetti, pudding, a whole tomato, a whole eggplant, several carrots, celery, swiss cheese, a whole onion, potatoes, several small fish, and olives.

At least all of the food groups are represented.

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Transformers: Rescue Bots Edit

"Too Many Kades" Edit

After a particularly harrowing rescue (mostly for other people) Kade fixed himself a sandwich and proudly showed it off to Cody and Dani. Dani insisted he eat it elsewhere, but the pair were surprised when a moment later Kade reappeared and constructed a second identical sandwich. Unbeknown to the family, four clones of Kades had been created, so when another Kade appeared in the kitchen, Dani sarcastically suggested it must have been time for him to make another sandwich, so he did. One of the Kades left a sandwich near the exercise equipment where Graham was helping Boulder with a painting, and moments later another Kade appeared to claim the sandwich