Tracer Swarm

Tracers are tiny mechanical bugs that form part of the Sanctuary Plan project. Each tracer bug is programmed to seek a human and create a subspace wormhole to teleport that human to a cavern beneath Griffin Rock. They can also adopt a compact spherical form for easy storage.

Rescue Bots cartoon Edit

"Countdown" Edit

A number of tracers were created in the late 1950s. When the Sanctuary Plan project was abandoned, they were stored in a metal drum placed in the archives in the Hall of Inspiration. There they sat for the next five decades or so until the drum was accidentally knocked over, releasing the tracers which reactivated and began seeking out humans. It wasn't until most of the town was teleported away that Chase caught one of other tracers and Graham Burns dissected it to determine its function. While Cody and Frankie set about trying to find where the victims had been teleported to, Boulder was also able to determine that the tracers were vulnerable to sonic waves, and used sonar pulses to knock the rest of the tracers out.